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What is 
Clinical EFT Tapping
 & how does it benefit you? 

*EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a simple tapping technique that is used widely as both a self-help tool an evidence-based  therapeutic treatment option to help reduce and often eliminate emotional and physical discomfort.

*EFT is one of the new Power Therapies, also known as ‘Energy Psychology’ which are developed from the ancient Chinese meridian energy system – it is a form of emotional acupuncture without the needles.

* EFT is used to restore balance to your disrupted energy. It's been an authorized treatment for war veterans with PTSD, and it's demonstrated some benefits as a treatment for anxiety, depression, physical pain, and insomnia

 "One hour of tapping reduces cortisol levels by 24%; you only get a 14% reduction when you take a nap."
- Dr. Peta Stapleton, PhD

Yes, I Want To Reduce Stress & Anxiety in 10 min or Less! 
Give Me Access to the 10 min EFT Technique to Dramatically Reduce My Anxiety!
  • * Reduce Stress & Anxiety by lowering your cortisol levels. 
  • * Learn Self Soothing Techniques to Regulate your Nervous   System. 
  • * Boost Your Immune System & Increase Your Health.
  • * Balance Your Emotions and Nervous System.
  • *Reduce the emotional impact of memories and incidents that   trigger emotional distress.
What Others are saying 

When I saw that Cassandra was advertising services for Emotion Focus Tapping (EFT) – it was a no-brainer for me, I needed to try it for myself. As a future mental health counselor, I know the importance of trying holistic approaches to dealing with trauma and healing. Each session was different than the last but there was a common theme. Each session was marked with powerful emotional healing! Cassandra did an exceptional job focusing on your narrative to pull out your emotions using your own words. Cassandra walks you through the tapping experience until the intensity of your feelings have been effectively “tapped down”. At the conclusion of each tapping session, Cassandra ends with a bottling experience so you aren’t emotionally charged as you go about your day. I have sent many friends/family to Cassandra to experience the benefits of EFT for themselves. I recommend this method of healing for anyone dealing with trauma and unresolved inner conflict.

-Alina Garraton

Thank you Cassandra ! You have been so easy to work with; patient, intelligent, and a beautiful soul. It was so lovely to feel my whole body relax and levels of activation disappear after working with you at each EFT session. It always surprises me that it actually goes down! I had almost forgot what it felt like to be relaxed and easy going and I am so appreciative to have been able to touch that place again with your guidance. I feel like even with challenging topics I brought up, you were so open and accepting with absolutely no judgement. I felt very very safe during the whole process. Your good nature and great energy and cheer is infectious and you always seem to say the right thing. Forever grateful for your help and your heart. 

-Ash Sparkles 

My first EFT tapping session was amazing! Cassandra was incredibly receptive and supportive when listening to me; I felt completely welcome to share my past and dig deep. She helped me gain perspective and clarity, and showed me how to release energy that has not been serving me that I have been holding onto for years. Afterwards, I felt revived and energized, and I was able to take on the days following with new openness and a creative outlook. I look forward to more sessions and highly recommend Cassandra's heartfelt and inspiring services.

-Summer Nicole 

"Tapping with Cassandra in just one session, helped me to release a deep grief I had been carrying around for almost 2 months. I had been trying 2 other talk therapies, and they just weren't doing it. In just one session I felt so so much lighter, felt overall more positive, and got so much reassurance that it was ok to feel the way I was feeling. It's unusual for me to get so far in just one session. Cassandra clearly knows her stuff with EFT and I felt supported and not judged at all during the process. Highly recommended!


 Cassandra helped me work through so many things that I had mentally blocked because they were such traumatic experiences. There is no denying that the human experience is much better when we feel light, happy, and free from pain. And that is exactly what Cassandra’s work did for me. I was able to work through pain and trauma that was weighing me down and after working with her, it led my mind, body and spirit to a much happier and freer self, where I am no longer a prisoner to the experiences that her and I worked through. Cassandra has such a GIFT and has such a special place in my heart. I am confident that the connection with myself has also strengthened because of her work, guidance, and love. If you get the chance to work with her, do not miss this opportunity. It will have a tremendously positive impact on your healing and your journey moving forward."

-Ashley Capurro

Meet Cassandra! 

Cassandra Love Lambert, Founder of C-Love, helps women overcome Trauma and feel more confidence, fulfillment and joy using both Clinical EFT Tapping and her Makeup Artistry. After a decade of dedication to her own healing path and journey with C-PTSD from Sexual Abuse; she is on a mission to set Trauma Survivors free from the emotional weight and cyclical patterns of their past. 

Cassandra has touched over 10,000 with her art, making people feel heard, seen and beautiful. She has facilitated women's Tapping circles for both Awaken Institute and The Moon Circle and is currently creating a Gaslighting Series for women with Derek Hart from Understand Each Other. After working more intimately with her, people are saying they feel lighter, have more clarity and confidence to move forward, and aren't haunted or limited by their past any longer.  

Yes, I Want to Reduce My Anxiety in 10 min or Less! 
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